The No-Name Movie Podcast – Episode 3 (February 2011)

Happy President’s Day Weekend, everybody!  We’re here to celebrate the amazing contributions of the men who have led our country for more than two centuries by ignoring all of that in favor of talking movies. That’s right, the real reason for the season, the third episode of the No-Name Movie podcast, is ready for your enjoyment.

Not only is this our longest one yet, I personally think it’s the best.  The topics covered this week include:

  • Our top picks for the 83rd Annual Academy Awards
  • The most anticipated movies of 2011
  • Official Scientific Definition of The Best Movie of 2009
  • Our Netflix picks

Give it a listen in the player below, or feel free to download it here.

One note about the podcast. Elizabeth notes the December release date of Hugo Cabret, which has since been changed to November 23rd. Which means Thanksgiving weekend is going to be a three way brawl between Hugo Cabret, The Muppets, and Arthur Christmas.

I suppose there’s nothing wrong with being spoiled for choice.

As always, feel free to let us know what you thought of the episode in the comments below. Or you can send us questions, suggestions, and feedback at nonamemovies [at] gmail [dot] com. Until next month, enjoy some good movies!





Scream 4

Water for Elephants

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Killing Bono


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3 Responses to The No-Name Movie Podcast – Episode 3 (February 2011)

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  2. Stuart says:

    Pretty sweet warm-up to the Oscars. Generally I agreed with everything you guys said. Black Swan is unfortunately too weird, amazing as it was, and Social Network/King’s Speech will clean up. I think Fincher has a pretty good chance for Best Director though.

    It’s honestly getting at the point where I’m almost afraid to watch Tangled when it hits DVD, because of just how *violently* Ditty loves it. So much pressure. I will feel your eyes on me the whole time, picturing you up a ladder in the street outside, judging me. I might draw the curtains, just in case. And If I hate it, I’ll probably just pretend I hadn’t watched it.

    And I will see anything that gets compared – even at the script stage – to The Orphanage, I love that movie. Second best jump-scare in modern cinema, too.

    I’m glad you’ve both kept this going. I hate when good podcasts die after the first couple of episodes.

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