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Love Letter: “Play Time”

There’s a wealth of cultural entries into the look-how-bad-modern-life-can-be genre, but I feel like Play Time stands apart. The 1967 film by Jacques Tati is a movie about the world we live in, a world of rules and self-seriousness. Which … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Steven Spielberg’s Filmography

I feel in some ways like I’ve made a big mistake. As I stated back when I introed the opening to my weeklong dissection of Scorsese, I started these director-based projects as a way to not only fill in a … Continue reading

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Splices: “Beginners” (2011)

Sometimes the cinematic world seems to collaborate with time and space to find you, teach you, and encourage you in just the way you need.  It’s the magic of movies — of all art, really. And today BEGINNERS and the … Continue reading

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Splice: “Winnie the Pooh” (2011)

It’s really amazing that we’re only two years out from the rather underwhelming Princess and the Frog, Disney’s last major outing into traditional animation. Amazing because while that movie had a ton of problems both story-wise and in the quality … Continue reading

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Love Letters: “Memento”

A polaroid fades out of existence. Blood runs up the walls. The slow realization that what we are seeing is running backwards slowly builds over the opening credits until it all coalesces in a single moment of violence–a gunshot that … Continue reading

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The Cosmos in a Child’s Eyes: Thoughts on “The Tree of Life”

I’m just going to be honest with you here–I’ve been trying for a week to get my thoughts on The Tree of Life into some sort of coherent form so I could share them with you, but so far it’s been … Continue reading

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LARRY CROWNE: A Defense of Pleasant Films

LARRY CROWNE was one of my most-anticipated films of 2011. I love Tom Hanks. I love Julia Roberts. I love romantic comedies (or at least the idea of them). I’m quite fond of Hanks’ first foray into writing and directing, … Continue reading

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