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Criterion Cuts: “The Thief of Bagdad”

Welcome to another week and another Criterion Cuts, where I delve into the archives of obscurity and pluck something from the Hulu offerings of everyone’s favorite foreign/arthouse home distributor. This week finds me a little burnt out on movie watching … Continue reading

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Review: “The White Ribbon” (2009)

The year is 1913, a small rural village in Germany called Eichwald. It’s a sleepy hamlet, all bright fields and clean orderly houses. Calling it pastoral would not be out of the question. An elderly narrator presents this town to … Continue reading

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Criterion Cuts: “Kiss Me Deadly”

Welcome to Criterion Cuts, where I take a look at the massive library of everyone’s favorite foreign, obscure, and arthouse home video label The Criterion Collection. Usually I do these entirely off of what’s available on Hulu Plus, but I … Continue reading

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Love Letters: “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan”

The year is 1982. It has been thirteen years since the original Star Trek has gone off the air. Three years ago, Star Trek: The Motion Picture hit and while it was a financial success, it was grossly over-budgeted ($46 million) and … Continue reading

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On Obligation Films

Now that the bloated corpse that is the summer Hollywood season has good and well decayed we get into the beginning of the Fall movie season. Typically, right now we’re in the dumping grounds between the summer tentpoles and the … Continue reading

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Criterion Cuts: “The Virgin Spring”

Hello everybody, and welcome to the latest edition of Criterion Cuts, where I pull a movie from the offerings of everyone’s favorite foreign/prestige collection and offer up some thoughts on it. As always, this column thrives on having constant things … Continue reading

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Splices: “Contagion”

So I went to see Contagion almost against my better judgement. I hate pretty much all disaster movies, be they natural or extraterrestrial or even biological. I hate the stupid obvious interweaving story lines. I hate the manipulative melodrama. I hate … Continue reading

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