Review: “Men in Black 3”

So I reviewed Men in Black 3. What happens when you let a franchise stagnate for a decade and then try to shoot a sequel without a final script? A mess, obviously. To be fair, it actually turned out all right, considering. Yeah, it has giant plot holes and lazy action set pieces, but … it kind of works. Sometimes. But I hope everyone involved has learned a lesson.

Hah, yeah, I know, not going to happen. But a guy can dream.

You know if you like this already, based on how you feel about the other movies. It’s better than II, but mostly because it’s jammed more full of weirdness and a great supporting cast. Also Josh Brolin. They really need to bring him back if they’re going to go for number four, as he’s far far more interesting than Tommy Lee Jones.

Anyway, click here to check out the review regardless. The views help keep me going!


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