Review: “Snow White and the Huntsman”

My review for Snow White and the Huntsman. Spoiler: if you read the review, you’ll probably feel okay not seeing the movie.

I really wanted to like this one. I did. I liked Mirror Mirror nearly despite itself sometimes, and I was always ready for a better spin on the material. Not to mention I think Hemsworth is a charming guy, and Charlize Theron is coming off of Young Adult, a movie I adored up and down.

Unfortunately, what we end up with is an exercise is robbing your betters blind. Stealing from Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and even Princess Mononoke of all places, SWATH is a two hour slog of carbon copied set pieces and lazily checklisted plot points. Insulting, boring, and barely worthy of the anger it deserves.


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