Review: “Prometheus”

My review of Prometheus. Entirely spoiler-free.

I wanted to like Prometheus, I really did. It’s a gorgeous film, and it hinted at some amazing concepts as its story slowly builds. It could have been great. Fassbender does some amazing (even for him) work, and Scott is on his game in a way he hasn’t been in ages.

But David Lindelof’s script is an infuriating mess, full of bad decisions and even worse thematic laziness, and takes a bunch of great concepts and just refuses to do anything with them. I have never been so angry with the script of a movie I otherwise liked, and I don’t know if a movie has ever made me so torn.

The takeaway? I truly think people should see Prometheus. In a theater and in 3D, even. It uses the technology well, and it’s visually rich in a way science fiction films never get the budget to be anymore. It’s pretty incredible when it works, I just wish it did it more often, and didn’t land with the thudding idiocy of a screenwriter who can’t write.


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One Response to Review: “Prometheus”

  1. CMrok93 says:

    The promotion for this film made it look freakin’ awesome but also, a lot like Alien and I think that’s the big problem with the film. It’s pretty much the same formula used over again and even though Scott tries his hardest to get our heads past that, it’s too obvious, too quick. Good review Matthew.

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