Review: “Take This Waltz”

So while the rest of you were off watching Batman last week, I was home being very very sick and wishing I was able to go out and see a movie. Pulling up Amazon VOD, I decided to take a look at Sarah Polley’s Take This Waltz, knowing little about it other than it existed and had Michelle Williams and honestly what more could a person ask for?

Thankfully, I made a great choice, as Take This Waltz is a really great movie. It’s the kind of romantic drama that edges near comedy without being actually silly or stupid, and takes the kinds of plots that we’ve seen before and does such wonderful things with it. It is an actor’s movie, full of lots of things to chew on and make work. It also has one of my single favorite moments in a movie so far this year.

So yeah, check out my review, or check out the movie. You can rent it for less than the price of a movie ticket on Amazon or some other VOD service of your choice.


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