Review: “The Bourne Legacy” (and some housekeeping)

Oh, hey, my review of The Bourne Legacy is up. Click through to read it. I don’t have much to add, outside of thinking as time passes I really hope there’s another one of these. Renner’s good in the role, and the story stuff could be smoothed out and made more interesting in a second film in ways that I’d like to see. It’s certainly a damn sight better than that other action movie that’s coming out soon, sight unseen.

I also wanted to talk about how delayed this is. The review went up this weekend, but I’m just getting around to writing this. Why? Well, I started a new day job. I don’t really talk about work if I can help but, but I’d been unemployed for quite some time and sadly writing about movies doesn’t pay the bills yet (or maybe ever) so I had to go get a new job. It’s been an adjustment, and I’ve mostly just been exhausted, so I suspended posts this week. They will return on Friday with the usual Bond piece—about Pierce Brosnan of all people, finally!—and resume the normal schedule next week. Sorry for the lack of heads up. Things have been crazy.

You’re all awesome. Don’t leave yet. We have many more things coming!


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