Podcast Alert: The Walking Dead (no, not that one)

So normally I just write about movies, but if you follow me on twitter (which you should) you’d know that I do play a decent amount of video games and I often have some pretty vocal opinions about them. I don’t often officially share them, but every once in a while I get a venue in which to talk about video games.

Which brings me to The Walking Dead, a game that everyone should play. I don’t care if games aren’t always your thing, because if you’re reading this you care about narrative storytelling and if you care about narrative storytelling The Walking Dead is for you. It is something really special, and so easily available on so many platforms that I insist that you check it out if you care about interesting fiction at all.

And no, I don’t want to hear about the show or the comic. I don’t really care, having never checked out either as of the time of this writing. Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t. It’s not relevant, as the game its own isolated story. And what a story it is. I’m still emotional days after finishing it.

Either way, I was invited onto a very special episode of the Screened Pupcast to talk about the game, and we threw down with 2 hours and 40 minutes of solid talk about the entire game, from favorite parts of all the episodes, arguments about what the choices made say about you as a person, and a big argument about what we think the second season of the game should be about. As you might expect, this is full of spoilers. Stay away if you haven’t read it.


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