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Splices: “Contagion”

So I went to see Contagion almost against my better judgement. I hate pretty much all disaster movies, be they natural or extraterrestrial or even biological. I hate the stupid obvious interweaving story lines. I hate the manipulative melodrama. I hate … Continue reading

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Splices: “Hotel Monterey” (1972)

I’ve been digging through the Criterion collection stuff since singing up for Hulu Plus, an activity that’s maddening in its density (and will probably warrant its own post eventually) but it has been fascinating just in the variety of movies … Continue reading

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Splices: “Beginners” (2011)

Sometimes the cinematic world seems to collaborate with time and space to find you, teach you, and encourage you in just the way you need.  It’s the magic of movies — of all art, really. And today BEGINNERS and the … Continue reading

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Splice: “Winnie the Pooh” (2011)

It’s really amazing that we’re only two years out from the rather underwhelming Princess and the Frog, Disney’s last major outing into traditional animation. Amazing because while that movie had a ton of problems both story-wise and in the quality … Continue reading

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Splices: “The War of the Worlds”

Splices are a series of short reaction posts done immediately following the film. They’re an elaboration of the twitter reactions that I often do after watching a film and are similarly off-the-cuff and kneejerk in nature. They’re included here to … Continue reading

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Splices: “Schindler’s List”

At the prompting of erstwhile contributor and personal voice of reason Elizabeth Ditty, I’ve decided that instead of using twitlonger to do my medium length reactions to films post-viewing on twitter, I could use the blog and maybe help funnel … Continue reading

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