Table of Contents!

If you found your way here then I’ve probably lured you in with promises that I’ll explain what the various recurring articles that pop up on this blog mean. I realized some time ago that if I was going to keep the movie blog going then I was going to have to schedule regular, recurring pieces for me to write. But it’s the kind of thing that requires some explanation and organization, especially if you’re only into one particular type of article.

Thus, this page! You know what a table of contents is! Lots of links below! Exclamation point!


These are pretty self-explanatory. Starting in January 2012 I decided to review everything new I saw in a theater, in order to provide easy access reference to my opinions about what’s out in theaters. I’ve mostly succeeded, minus one or two movies I simply didn’t have much to talk about. I don’t see everything, obviously, so this is decidedly not a comprehensive list of everything you might care to know about.

Criterion Cuts

As someone who really got into movies during the DVD boom in the early 00s, the Criterion Collection has always been a thing spoken about in the hushed tones usually reserved for secret shames and divine beings. The premier and groundbreaking home video label has done more for watching movies at home than any other company I could name on short notice, and they continue to produce some of the best disc releases in the business.

When Criterion offered a majority of their back catalog on streaming service Hulu Plus, I jumped on board immediately. Unfortunately for me, that embarassment of riches was paralyzing. With hundreds of movies someone had gone out and vetted to include in a collection, how was I ever supposed to settle on what to watch? My solution was to insist on watching at least one a week, and write about it. Thus the column was born. Much more about advocacy of cinema obscurities than any sort of qualitative review, Criterion Cuts is by far my fondest pet project, my little corner to be as arty as I want to be.

I also take recommendations on what to watch! I rarely operate Criterion Cuts on any sort of significant backlog, so if you’re into the films Criterion offers and want to see something covered, drop me a line. If it’s not available via Hulu Plus, I can certainly netflix it, and if that doesn’t work, I might even go so far as to buy the movie to meet your demand! (This is absolutely a justification to buy more Criterion releases, I’m not going to pretend one bit about this fact.)

Light Bondage

2012 is the 50th anniversary of the release of the first James Bond movie, Dr. No, and to celebrate I’m doing a year long run down of all things Bond. This bi-weekly series is full of beautiful women, dangerous gadgets, and all the complaining about Roger Moore you can shake a stick at. Click through the header for more detailed information, including a full schedule of upcoming entries in the series!


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