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Serious About Series: You Come To Us! Edition: Phantasm

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Serious About Series feature, but they’ve always been fun favorites of mine. They usually get me outside of the typical auteur- and art-heavy worlds of my usual long-running articles, and they often … Continue reading

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Light Bondage: “Moonraker”

Bond, James Bond. For fifty years that has been the cinematic calling card of one of films most enduring heroes. Sure, Bond was born in books, but it was through film that he became a household name and one of … Continue reading

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Serious About Series: “Alien”

Prometheus is coming. It sounds so dramatic when I say it like that, a mixture of myth and anticipation that turns what is essentially just another summer movie into something magical. I might as well whisper about unicorns lurking in … Continue reading

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