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Ditty’s January Netflix Pick: THE STATION AGENT

THE STATION AGENT (2003) Writer/Director: Thomas McCarthy Starring Peter Dinklage, Patricia Clarkson and Bobby Cannavale On the surface, THE STATION AGENT is about a man named Fin (Peter Dinklage) who is left an abandoned train station after his only friend … Continue reading

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Matt’s January Pick – Crank

Let me tell you a tale about Chev Chelios. He wakes up one morning to a throbbing headache, a trashed apartment, and a tape telling him that he’s going to die. You see, Chev Chelios (Jason Statham) is a hit … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Kevin Smith

This blog is never really going to talk about current movie news. I’m almost entirely uninterested in joining the echo chamber of movie blogs on the internet, regurgitating the same half dozen rumors every day. I read four movie sites … Continue reading

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The No-Name Movie Podcast – Episode 2 (January 2011)

Hey, everybody. I know last month we said we’d pick a shiny new name for our podcast, but, as any writer can tell you, the first temp name you use more than three times is the one you’re going to … Continue reading

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Keeping the Promise: Season of the Witch

A commitment to excellence. That’s one of the things that as a moviegoer I completely and utterly lack. So when’s freelance writer Eric Pope started going on about the Nic Cage Promise, a goal to see every Nic Cage … Continue reading

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“Land of Silence and Darkness”

Werner Herzog’s 1971 documentary about Fini Straubinger, a German deaf-blind woman, is notable at first for being very un-Herzogian.  It is presented as a medical story, the likes of which we used to see plastered all over TLC back when … Continue reading

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And Here We Go Again–2011 Preemptive Movie Boner List

Looking forward to 2011 is a little like staring down the barrel of a gun. 2010 was a pretty great year, as I already went on about at length, but the new year always seems full of possibilities and looking … Continue reading

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