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Make It the Same, Only Different! Actually, You Know What? Screw Different. (via Elizabethan Theatre)

In the upcoming films portion of our most recent No-Name Movie Podcast, Matt mentioned that he was looking forward to BATTLE:LOS ANGELES.  I was skeptical and delivered an anecdote about my sister and I seeing the trailer in theatres and … Continue reading

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Keeping the Promise: Drive Angry 3D

The snow had grown treacherous by the time we made it to the theater on Friday. The streets were slick and the drivers were stupid, and the whole thing hung over our heads like the last disaster of winter waiting … Continue reading

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Our Picks for the 83rd Oscars

As we gear up for the 83rd Oscars, it’s always fun to make our own predictions.  If you listened to this month’s podcast, you heard us talk a little more in depth about both our predictions for the major categories … Continue reading

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The No-Name Movie Podcast – Episode 3 (February 2011)

Happy President’s Day Weekend, everybody!  We’re here to celebrate the amazing contributions of the men who have led our country for more than two centuries by ignoring all of that in favor of talking movies. That’s right, the real reason … Continue reading

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My Personal Movie Curriculum

If you had to pick ten movies to suggest to someone who wanted to understand your opinion about movies, a crash course in taste and focus, what would those ten movies be? It seems like a simple prompt, but it’s … Continue reading

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